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What we do

At Fatcaron, we are all about creativity and innovation. Constantly experimenting with different styles and ingredients, we aspire to offer the most fun and unforgettable macaron experience.

Strawberry Guimauve
Chocolate Brownie Clamcaron

We aspire to perspire to inspire

Fatcaron is more than just your regular macaron brand. We draw inspiration from our everyday lives and strive to translate those observations into a form of art – delicacies embodying a perfect balance of design, flavour, texture and quality. 

In turn, our art shall inspire you to find beauty and content.

Floral Fatcaron (Honey)

Seasonal and exclusive

We simply can’t let seasonal treats go to waste! You will find that Fatcaron offers seasonal designs and flavours, exclusive only to an appropriate time of the year. 

An example is our seasonal triple chocolate fatcaron, topped with the freshest strawberries of the year.

Triple Chocolate Strawberry

The more, the merrier

We are constantly experimenting with new ideas – there is never one moment of boredom at Fatcaron! With over a hundred designs, we constantly surprise our customers (and even our own team). Our high regard for innovation and out-of-the-box thinking has contributed to the boundless concepts that you see online and in-store.

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